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15 Nov,2021

Shopping Habits have Changed: Digital landscape of future of Retail

An Evolution in Consumer habits are forming the future for Retail. As social distancing has become the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer habits are adapting in real-time to the new environment and circumstance. But it has merely accelerated the adoption of behaviors already gaining traction, such as the digitalization of shopping, banking and more.

23 Oct,2021

Enhanced Customer Experience through Edge Computing

The buzzword, edge, means literal geographical distribution. Edge computing refers the computing operations which is done near the source of the data, rather than depending on the cloud servers. It does not mean cloud will disappear; it means the cloud is coming to you.

13 Oct,2021

Live Streaming – A New Face of Customer Shopping Experience

The live commerce experience is designed to portrait the experience of retail shopping. The stream can include videos and links to further information for measurements or sizing, material, and various ways to wear the product. This combines the best aspects of a live store experience with the ease, convenience and speed of the conventional online shopping experience. And this live commerce has cap

09 Oct,2021

Significance of Odoo in Supply Chain Management

Odoo ERP software for supply chain management really improves purchase and inventory performance with proper procurement methods. It depends on stock levels, sales orders, logistic rules, etc. You can also select various refill methods with custom supply chain management software development, for each product as per your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

04 Oct,2021

Designing a secured digital platform with top risks & vulnerabilities guideline

Open Web Application Security Project, is a non-profit foundation that focuses on improving security for businesses, customers, and developers, through dozens of open-source projects, collaboration and training opportunities. And in 2021, it has enabled professionals to come together to work toward a greater goal of improving application security update for the first time since 2017.

01 Oct,2021

Improve the efficiency and productivity of Data with Data Preparation

Data preparation is the first step in data analytics projects and it includes piling- up data, identifying & assessing data, changing & validating data, remolding & refining data and accumulating data.

28 Sep,2021

Empower the Companion to Focus on the Next!

We can say “it’s not just what you know about the future; it’s also prepping for the future. This sets a future-ready company apart from ones that are not”.

20 Sep,2021

10 Best Supply Chain Strategies for E-commerce

Supply chain is the linchpin for any organization, regardless of the sector, industry, product and processes. Every organization have its own challenges and hence dealing with Supply Chain is altogether different and the generics never fits in any industry.

01 Jun,2021

Major Practices of Secure Coding

Secure coding is the practice of developing computer software in a way that guards against the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities. Defects, bugs and logic flaws are consistently the primary cause of commonly exploited software vulnerabilities.

25 Feb,2021

How Digital Transformation is assisting Businesses exponentially

It is rightly said that “Nothing is a greater priority than the digital transformation of our business.” Technology is no longer a choice, it’s a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider operative-initiatives. Digital Transformation is assisting Businesses exponentially in 2021. Watch the video to know the reason why such digital trends are helping businesses to stay re