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28 Nov,2021

Automation In Supply Chain comes of Age with Integration

When the term automation comes up, most people experience a brief change. It’s the year 2021, humanoid robots take to the streets disrupting life as we know it and clashing with their old human masters. Lucky for us, when it comes to the world of supply chain automation, robots are more about increasing efficiency and less the whole enslaving humanity angle.

22 Sep,2020

How 5G benefits AI and IoT progress

5G is the future of the edge and a game-changer. It is the latest generation in mobile broadband that will effective in the best implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more.

12 Jun,2020

Use of artificial intelligence in sales & marketing

most of the marketing companies have not only started using the AI based solutions, but also helped companies to adopt AI tools & solutions.

18 Apr,2020

International Entrepreneurs Club appoints Saswat Kumar Panda as Ambassador for Kuala Lumpur

International Entrepreneurs Club (IEC), a global community of Startup, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, etc., all connected over a single platform, has appointed CEO Quocent Sdn Bhd of Saswat Kumar Panda as Ambassador to manage and expand IEC in Kuala Lumpur.

14 Jan,2020

Top 10 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

The e-commerce business is flourishing and the blossoming trajectory of e-commerce is said to accelerate further. The revolution in e-commerce has set many successful business models that are not only successful but intriguing many business owners to venture into.

03 Jan,2020

The Digital Healthcare Landscape In 2020

Healthcare landscape is going to feel the rapid impact of the digitization in the year 2020. After banking, retail, and media, healthcare sector will be benefited mostly due to the adoption of digital technologies. The adoption of latest technologies like AI, blockchain in the healthcare will address major problems: labor shortage, rising cost and constricting margins.

09 Jul,2019

World Trade Centre Bhubaneswar appoints Saswat as Honorary Convenor in Technology Innovation & Start-Up Think Tank for 2019-20

World Trade Centre (WTC), Bhubaneswar appointed Saswat Kumar Panda, CEO & MD; as Honorary Convenor in Technology Innovation & Start-Up Think Tank for 2019-20.

08 Jun,2019

Employ AI in Small Businesses

Many small businesses have been adopting AI software and successful in their journey of digital transformation. These solutions are addressing the complex process into smoother and helping them to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

03 Jun,2019

Scaling AI for Enterprise Operations

The leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) have been helping the enterprise to scale up their business including their operations. AI has great potential to help enterprises to adapt to new dynamics.

11 May,2019

Artificial Intelligence in Weather Forecasting

AI could be employed to analyze the data and predict weather forecasting. Currently, scientists are using artificial intelligence to obtain refined and accurate results in real-time. By implementing the deep learning mathematical models, AI could be used to predict future weather patterns by analyzing the past weather data.

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