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10 May,2021

Pleasure to announce; Saswat Kumar Panda CEO, Quocent now is a member at Asia CEO Community

We are happy to inform that Saswat Kumar Panda, CEO of Quocent is a member at ASIA CEO COMMUNITY. This surely gives a boost to our company's success!

19 Jan,2021

Quocent Pvt. Ltd registered as member of National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)

Quocent Pvt. Ltd become a official member of National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM). The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is an Indian non-governmental trade association and advocacy group focused mainly on Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

08 Aug,2019

10 Things to Run Your E-commerce Website Efficiently

The e-commerce business is flourishing and the blossoming trajectory of e-commerce is said to accelerate further. The revolution in e-commerce has set many successful business models that are not only successful but intriguing many business owners to venture into.

26 Feb,2019

Insight on Smart City Solutions

The concept of smart city is not a new one. Of late, this has been buzzing across the world and the governments are busy in designing and developing smart cities. There are two major reasons for this development – growing population and leveraging technologies (ICT) making life simple & efficient.

19 Feb,2019

Smart Manufacturing in the 4th Industrial Revolution! How data matters?

A Smart Factory is the new concept for many manufacturers across the world, of late. In the new age of the fourth industrial revolution, commonly known as Industry 4.0, data means a lot for manufacturing companies.

02 Apr,2016

Global Cloud Computing Service Market to grow at 16.5% in 2016

Global Cloud Computing Service Market to grow at 16.5% in 2016 and it is projected to touch the US $127 billion by 2017. According to Gartner, Inc. the growth in this arena would be driven by Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), one of the verticals of cloud computing services, which is likely to grow by 33.4 percent.

09 Jun,2015

10 Simple Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

Numerous online players have been rushing into the e-commerce domain, building rich online stores and offering a variety of deals to generate significant revenue. But the question is – how many of them are successful?

12 Apr,2014

3 Things to Keep an Eye on while Mobilizing Your Enterprise

The smartphone is the Prometheus of digital innovation and it has changed the way how people communicate. Developed for the future generation, smartphones are the devices to connect people and at the same time improve lives.

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