Digital Solutions for Preventive Health Screenings, Efficient Collaboration & Decision-making

Building preventive healthcare platforms that uses analytics to help its users to make smart lifestyle choices and periodic health checkups to avoid chronic diseases. Collecting healthcare screening information through an intuitive user interface and builds analytics dashboard to help to make smart decisions.

Health screenings and risk awareness

Care providers and health institutions can collect information about patient's (an employee or a school kid) health condition via the customized health screening surveys and questionnaires. The healthcare screenings cover past medical history, current physical and behavioral symptom. Visualized reporting helps to detect and prevents any health risks at an early stage.

Collaboration for Effective Diagnosis

The application will have different stakeholders. They can interact and communicated with one another in order to take right diagnosis and information exchange. The application makes the process more transparent and makes the treatment more effective.

Analytics for Data Driven Decisions

When it comes taking a decision, you need analytical data. Our dashboards will help you to take important decisions in regard to the health of your employees or kids. Get clear insight on the important vitals through impressive and effective dashboards.

Insights on Preventive Healthcare

Catering to all major verticals, these modules are flexible to customize and infinitely scalable