artificial intelligence services in Malaysia

Artificial Intelligence

As part of our AI (artificial intelligence) service offerings, we help your business to provide a better customer experience and become smarter by incorporating AI into your products and business operations. Building BI solutions, NLP-based solutions, computer vision apps, voice assistants, and chatbots are all part of our Artificial Development Services.

Quocent will convert your AI vision into a reality by applying our expertise of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Our team consists of data scientists, AI analysts, designers, full-stack developers and solution architects. We work with enterprises of all sizes to build, deploy, train and maintain AI products and solutions.

We also help companies to integrate AI solutions into their current business applications and IT infrastructure to safeguard company assets, prevent frauds & thefts and protect data.

artificial intelligence services in Malaysia

Unlock true business potential with Data Analytics

Most companies are unaware of the huge amount of unutilized resources, actual customer experiences and key business metrics to boost company value. We work with enterprises to analyze their ever-increase data volume and generate insights which helps companies unlock the real business value hidden underneath their existing data.

Mining all the data captured from CRM systems, social media platforms, customer support logs and calls, and more to find patterns and generate sales forecast based on success of previous sales campaigns and add more inputs for better outcomes.

Quocent offers diversified and flexible approach towards data analytics services which includes BI solution development to BI integration and testing as part of our application development models.

artificial intelligence services in Malaysia

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a subset of data analytics, which is instrumental in taking crucial business decisions. We have been using advanced technologies to get the right algorithms from the given data to give you the most accurate prediction or projection for your business.

You can get the future results by using the application and feeding the KPIs. Being an expert in making Business Intelligence applications, our team is eager to take up the challenge to transform your business through predictive analytics solutions.

artificial intelligence services in Malaysia

Data Visualization

We provide business intelligence apps, data visualization and business dashboard solutions that help the business to solve problems. These versatile data visualization solutions are useful to empower your business operations. Your data is important and you need to use know your KPIs and monitor your progress in real-time. We understand the data and how it could bring a big change to your business. We create solutions that benefit your business.

Our data visualization solutions are very intuitive and interactive. These will give you a clear idea about the process and its progress.

Enterprise Cloud Insights

Catering to all major verticals, these modules are flexible to customize and infinitely scalable