Fifth Wave of Computing

We provide end-to-end IoT application development, cloud solutions development and managed services that include all aspects of an IoT architecture, cloud assessment, cloud migration and managed cloud services. From requirements engineering to support and upgradation, we will manage the development of your IoT-capable applications.

As the 5G wave rises, we will witness unlimited bandwidth, reduced latency for real-time services, low power consumption, nearly 100 percent availability, and the ability to link millions of devices are all characteristics of the next generation of mobile networks.

Cloud Computing Services

We help companies in designing, building, delivering, and marketing cloud services using a validated and well-defined methodology.

Many enterprises have benefited from our expertise to design, create, integrate and launch successful cloud-based applications. As part of our clodu services, we offer cloud application development, cloud platform architecture design, cloud migration, SaaS services, server orchestration, and other cloud solutions and services.

Our Managed Services team uses a range of tools to assist with performance tracking, availability management, configuration management, and security monitoring to ensure your cloud applications are up & running. We provide dedicated managed services for most of the established cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Linode.

IoT Apps Development

We help companies to leverage the full potential of Internet of Things to achiever smarter automation, smart communication and collaboration within the organization and with the customers.

We cover a wide range of service offerings and IoT managed services related to Applications, Devices, Connectivity, Infrastructure support; which includes firmware development and IoT application development, ETL, data analytics and visualization, etc.

Our team of engineers constantly pursue cutting edge of technology and trends; where we research the new development frameworks and platforms for IoT application development and can always recommend the most reasonable and cost-effective tools for our clients.

5G for Enterprise

The fifth-generation wireless broadband technology, known as 5G, is rapidly approaching. It will be 10 to 100 times faster than the current LTE network, allowing billions of devices to communicate at once, and enabling a variety of use cases ranging from improved mobile broadband to mission-critical control and large IoT applications.

5G uses techniques such as edge computing to deliver millisecond end-to-end connectivity. High computing applications and platforms such as IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Virtualization and Artificial Intelligence, need 5G's massive capacity to speed product development, services and improve user experience.

With 5G, a wide range of opportunities available for enterprises w.r.t autonomous transportation, IoT, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Smart City applications, Healthcare, Smart Grid utilities and Manufacturing Robots.

Insights on Cloud, IoT & 5G

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