Secret to Digital Transformation Success

Having in-depth capability and experience in building innovating business apps, we craft solutions for the faster and impressive growth for your business. With our comprehensive enterprise solutions portfolio and years of experience of working with diversified business processes, we will help you leverage the business potentials of the digital core to drive growth, improve efficiency, increase transparency and improve ROI.

Analysis and Consulting

Extenstive portfolio in enterprise business apps, our team helps you to identify core operational challenges and ways to overcome them

Implmentation & Customization

We engage our enterprise consultants to prepare for implementation after a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your unique business requirements

Third-party Integration

Enhancing the core abilities of your existing enterprise architecture by integrating with 3rd party software and devices

Migration, Training and Support

Seamless transition from your legacy enterprise systems to an intelligent ERP system, with dedicated support from Quocent

Apps for your Business

Over 30 modules or base apps are ready to be configured for unique business needs. We understand your core business requirements and recommend the right apps for your business. Every business is not one-size-fits-all, thus we help customizing the apps to meet your exact business requirements.

Finance & Accounting

100% web-based and real-time finance and accounting management with dematerialization of your accounting documents (customer and supplier invoices). One dashboard for the entire financial monitoring with flexibility to integrate other modules such as sales, purchasing, logistics, etc.

Rich and detailed financial reporting, freedom from duplicate entries and manipulation of financial data, easy bank reconciliation, single tax audit report computing and many more advanced features.

Covering basic activities such as creating journal entry, budget management, etc., to complex operations such as highly competitive business intelligence reports, we provide a highly efficient software framework to manage business finances.

Sales & Marketing

Increase efficiency of your sales management process with simple quotations, reliable and accurate sales forecasts, integrated POS and eCommerce, recurring billing and much more advanced features.

Allow easy management and monitoring of your products, clients, quotes, and invoices with the various applications under Sales Management processes. For a smooth and enjoyable user experience, they are completely integrated with other Apps such as Purchase, Logistics, Accounting, and Social Media Marketing, just to name a few.

Sales Management is designed to flexibly adapt to the processes of different small and medium-sized to large size businesses to handle all of their sales, orders, inventory, and accounting processes.

Operations & Logistics

Achieve lean logistics and supply chain process with the enterprise modules which helps to track the recurrent activities in your daily operations and also prevent unnecessary losses during the supply chain process.

The Operations and Logistics modules are the ideal solution for businesses looking to digitize their logistics processes and/or upgrade their applications. It's a collection of modules that are modern, functional, ergonomic, mobile, and scalable.

Customize the scalability of this cloud platform to meet your specific business needs, and collaborate effectively with various parts of your organization.

Project Management

Keep track of everything, from the broader view to the minute task details, from the customer contract to the invoices, from total project allocation to timesheet calculations. Project management with reminders to keep you informed on anything that matters to you, collaborated tasks and updates, task delegation, and easy to use chatter to work efficiently.

Project management module handles activities for customer initiatives and support problems in a real-time, agile, social, and scalable manner. Various views are available to fit your requirements: Use the kanban view to focus on projects and issues; use the Gantt view (enterprise) to plan tasks; and use the calendar view to manage deadlines.

Inventory & MRP

Simplify processes, increase productivity at the production line, access information quickly and make decisions quicker with effective collaboration between engineering and manufacturing divisions for an effective planning, monitor the process from the Control Panel and manage work orders.

Track stock availability and monitor indirect/direct demands with demand forecast. Streamlines work order process and the MRP (material requirements planning) with automatic backed up with planning module and standard statistics about advanced insights. The Inventory and MRP allows PLM (product lifecycle management) which track the lifecycle of a product from development till stability or decline.

Insights on Product Collaboration

Catering to all major verticals, these modules are flexible to customize and infinitely scalable