Having in-depth capability and experience in building innovating business apps, we craft solutions for the faster and impressive growth for your business. We access our customer’s digital maturity prior to building or developing end-to-end Digital Transformation Services and Solutions.

Why Clients Choose us for Digital Transformation Services?
  • Agile Development & Project Management
  • Collaboration Model & Communication Model with Clients
  • Expertise in using Open Source Technologies
  • In house team at Global Delivery Center
  • Excellent Track Record of successful project delivery
  • Shorter development times translating to lower costs
  • Ensure full testing of application before going Live
  • Expertise in Big Data/Analytics, Mobile, Cloud, and APIs/embeddables.
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Project Management

Many companies suffer a loss due to delay in project management. Switch to Agile Project Management with top Agile methodologies and practices. Take control of the projects and deliver on time to your clients. It will help you in project plans & schedules, task tracking, program rollups, resource management, budget tracking and strategic planning. The digital transmission solutions allow you to gain insight into the current project activities and managing them effectively.

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Enterprise Portal

Digital transformation does not only include the solutions but it also about your digital presence. We have been helping companies in showcasing their services and solutions to their customers. Branding is the core of this digital arena, where companies need to reach to their customers on every platform. We develop the best enterprise portal for the business, where they can show their service to their end customers. No matter if you are into B2B or B2C, we have expertise in delivering you the best portals for your business.

ERP Modules

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

Automation is the key to your success. You need to use appropriate scalable software packages for your inventory management. For better management and faster automation, you need to focus on the tailored solutions that fit into your business and help you not only managing but also streamlining the entire supply chain of your organization. No matter how big your business is, our inventory management software will help you streamline the process of management.

We help you to increase customer satisfaction by streamlining the delivery process and avoiding product run-outs or emergency deliveries. Reduce your inventory management costs by moving to a software application that is easy to integrate, monitor and use in better planning capabilities.

On the other hand, you need the right software to manage your warehouse operations. We help you in designing tailored application that will be useful in Picking & Packaging, Shipping, Product Location, Receiving Orders, channel listing, Kit Creation, Tracking Inventory Levels, Cycle Counting, Barcode Tracking, Data Reports, SKU creation and Real-time quantity updates.

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Reduce your efforts on managing the procurement process. Our purchase management software will help you in streamlining the process, time management, delivery management of manufacturing goods, storage and RM stocks. The automation of the process will reduce your costs and enhance your profits. By switching to digital transformation, you can reduce the production cost, synchronize the lead time, improve cash flow and enhance profitability. Know the amount of stock you need to purchase and forecast the demand ahead.

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Accounts & Invoicing

Accounting and invoicing are the major operations for your business. Prior automating the process, your business needs to be automated at first these two processes. Streamline accounts payable and improve the cash flow, which is the life-line for your business. Set up the accounts are per the chart of accounts. No hassles in managing the entire accounting without sound domain knowledge. Save your time by moving to electronic invoicing and get rid of the manual process of handling accounts and invoicing process. The accounting and invoicing solutions help you to reduce your costs and manage your tax process by having a proper account setup for your business as per compliances. It is an effective way to manage customers and vendors.

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Sales & Marketing

It is time to automate your sales and marketing division as your customers are gone digital. Manage your sales team the way you want and access to leads and opportunities whenever you want. You will have the data ready all the time and easy to reach to the latest data. The solutions are a part of an integrated business process to research your marketing strategies for improving profitability. Manage campaigns, target customers, set goals, and generate leads by switching to automation. Sales & Marketing Management automation will help to achieve higher sales, making profits and run an efficient business model. Eliminate redundant processes and manual of the way of handling the sales and marketing departments.

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Human Resource Management

Centralize all your HR information concerning each employee at one place for better and faster growth of your business. HR is an integral part of your business process and without this you can run your business at all. It is the right time to move automates the entire process of handling your employees. You can do numerous HR functions, such as managing payslips, payroll taxes & payroll reports; integrate it with timesheets & accounting, define salary structure and salary. The application will help you to manage your employees, time & attendance, managing leaves, streamlined expense management, employee evaluation and recruitment.

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Manufacturing businesses need the automation foremost in the advent of the Industry 4.0. The process is going smarter with the integration of leveraging technologies and IIoT. The software solutions will help you to maintain the entire manufacturing process seamlessly from raw material to warehouse management & deliveries. Manage PLM, maintenance, quality control, and projects with the automated application that are customized as per your requirements.

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Document Management

Managing documents is one of the important tasks in any organization. Of late in this digital era, going paperless is the main prime goal of companies, startups, enterprises, and organization. In the day-to-day operations, you may come across many types of documents both hard as well as soft copies. You will be catering maximum times in managing these documents. Software to manage the documents could reduce your burden and make you more productive in your core field. The tailored solution – Document Management - will help you to upload important documents, retrieve on time, no need to carry the copies all the times as you have your documents in the cloud, take better decisions and reduce the cost of infrastructure.

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Collaboration Tool

Communication is an important aspect of your business. You need to give importance equally to internal as well as external communication in your organization regardless of the nature and size of the business. Any imbalance in either of these could have a direct impact on your productivity. In order to have a healthy environment in your organization, you could use the communication tools or collaboration tools for your employees. We design the apps as per your requirement and nature of the business and we also keep in mind your priorities in the communication process. Get all the forms of communication tools in one application, which is easy to use.

Enterprise Cloud Insights

Catering to all major verticals, these modules are flexible to customize and infinitely scalable