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Exploring Malaysia’s Digital Economy – An Insightful Interview of CEO of Quocent with NIPA, National IT Industry Promotion Agency of South Korea

The National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA), under the Government of South Korea, has published an insightful interview with Saswat Panda, CEO of Quocent, discussing key aspects of Malaysia’s digital economy ...

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Quocent’s Strategic Partnership: Pioneering Digital Advancements in Malaysia’s Future

Quocent is actively involved in a pioneering initiative with the Malaysia-China Digital Economy Cooperation Council (MCDC) and the National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom). Together, they have committed RM...

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Innovating Tomorrow: Quocent’s Impact at the UK-Malaysia AI Conference 2023

Quocent actively participated in the esteemed UK-Malaysia Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference 2023, establishing invaluable connections with like-minded organizations and enterprises specializing in cutting...

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Quocent: Pioneering Digital Transformation and Innovation at the Selangor Asean Business Conference 2023

The Selangor Asean Business Conference 2023, inaugurated by Invest Selangor Bhd at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, is a gateway to valuable insights into Asean growth opportunities, and Quocent, a dynamic t...


Quocent’s Collaborative Partnership with Global Institute of Management, Odisha

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to nurturing the growth of the digital ecosystem, Quocent has established a collaborative alliance with the Global Institute of Management, Odisha. Formalized through the si...

MD Status

Quocent Received MD Status and Embracing Digital Transformation with MDEC

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for once again awarding us the MD status for the second time. The committed and professional team at MDEC has invested t...


Quocent CEO Saswat Kumar Panda attends World Trade Center Bhubaneswar G20 India Y20 India 2023

The World Trade Center Bhubaneswar has hosted the G20 India Y20 event in 2023, providing a platform for industry experts to come together and share their experiences and thoughts on Industry 4.0, skills, and in...


We are Happy to share that Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda,CEO Quocent is going to mentor startups at Eureka! 2021 | E-Cell, IIT Bombay

An electrifying opportunity for the startups in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to turn their innovative minds into a success commercial story. .site-content .content-header.content-header-featured .content-h...


Our Managing Partner & SE Asia Strategy Head,Peter Ho is announced as one of the keynote speakers at Nasscom Webinar on

Quocent is committed to regional growth and digital economy foundation. Our Managing Partner & SE Asia Strategy Head, Peter Ho is announced as one of the keynote speakers at NASSCOM Webinar on &#8...