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Unique E-Commerce Platform for Passive Income

Achieved a goal of multi-level marketing through an e-commerce platform where every customer earns a commission for every purchase transaction happens in the platform.


IOT Based Access Management System

A comprehensive solution which addresses all the basic security needs of a gated community. such as parking assistance, vehicle entryand exit logging, visitor tracking, security check for authorized personnel and vehicles.


Optimization of operations through digital analytics platform

Reduced the human labor by 320% through digital analytics platform which creates reports and insights within 30 minutes time, which earlier used to take 5-7 working days. Productivity level of employees has gone up and effective through put of the client has boosted significantly.


Document Management and Asset Management

Intended for a BPO company, the enterprise s/w increased the output of current sales and operations team through a customized enterprise solution for documents and assets management.

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