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AI Surveillance Analytics System


Unlocking Smarter Surveillance: Empowering Security with AI Analytics

AI Surveillance Analytics System is a cutting-edge solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to revolutionize surveillance capabilities. By seamlessly integrating AI algorithms, machine learning, and data analytics, this system provides real-time analysis and interpretation of surveillance data from various sources.

With the AI Surveillance Analytics System, organizations can enhance their surveillance operations to a whole new level. It offers automated detection, identification, and tracking of objects, activities, and anomalies within monitored environments. From facial recognition and object detection to behavior analysis and pattern recognition, this system enables proactive threat detection, crime prevention, and rapid response to security incidents.


Common applications for video analytics

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    Facial Detection

    AI-powered facial recognition technology, within the Quocent AI Surveillance Analytics System helps you accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest.

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    Intrusion Detection

    This is the process of locating a moving object in a prohibited or restricted area. The algorithm analyses the video frames and outputs the location of moving targets within the frame.

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    Loitering Detection

    This is different from conventional Intrusion detection systems in terms of Human tracking over the selected zones. Once the system detects the possible Trespasser, then it starts transmitting signals to the security office.

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    Object Detection

    Any object, any size, any color, our vision systems are trained to detect and action with user defined action on object detection. This can be also improvised to count the number of objects in the feed.

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    Anomaly Detection

    Some of the activities such as wake up, look, sit down, eat, drink, leave, come, put up, put down, write etc., which belong to set of defined activities, known as Usual Activity.

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    Number Plate Recognition

    Automatic license plate recognition system using Camera mounted over the exposure system image of the license plate is captured and the image is processed to extract the license number.

Industries Impact

Improve security, safety, and operations

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    The retail sector employs it to track the customer experience and behaviour (e.g. direction of gaze and visit duration) to the point that more effective selling and upselling locations can be established.

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    Highly helpful and useful for the safety of staff, patients and visitors, hospitals use video analytics to guard against theft of drugs and even abduction of infants.

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    The proposed solution can be highly likely to be successful for industrial operations in manufacturing plants to monitor, alert and prevent industrial hazards. 

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    Video analytics is being used in logistics and manufacturing to streamline inventory management and production, improve quality control and efficiency and assist in security processes.

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Unleashing business insights for a new era

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    100% Transparency

    Video analytics makes it easier to manage the data. You can decide which information to stream, such as only streaming video when there is a moving object or when an alarm is triggered.

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    Faster Response Time

    The real-time system will provide instant alerts and updates enabling you to respond faster to a potential threat or hazard more quickly on a real-time basis to avoid any threat or mishaps.

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    Offline Notifications

    Video analytics provides instant notifications and alerts whenever the device goes offline due to an error or device tampering thereby keeping the surveillance team updated at all times.

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    Advanced Analytics and Insights

    By analyzing historical patterns and extracting valuable insights, the system facilitates evidence-based decision-making, helps identify trends, and supports long-term security planning and resource allocation.

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    Cost Optimization

    Through automation and optimized resource allocation, the AI Surveillance Analytics System can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for manual surveillance personnel or inefficient security measures.

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    Improved Accuracy

    The system’s AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of surveillance data with high accuracy, minimizing false positives and false negatives in threat detection, leading to more reliable security outcomes.