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The Future of Blogs for Businesses Podcast Interview: Saswat talks about Digital Transformation & Impact of COVID on DX

Palindrome Communications, a Malaysian based Communication Company that provided blogging services, interviewed Saswat Panda, CEO Quocent Sdn Bhd for its episode “The Future of Blogs for Business,” recently. We thank the team of Rauf Fadzillah & Khalil for inviting Saswat and putting his view on the podcast series.

During the talks, Saswat provided all the aspects of digital transformation and he also discussed the impact of COVID-19. Technology adoption has been the biggest challenge, but the recently our break of the deadly virus has changed the view of point over the digital transformation and technology adoption. Please visit the following link to listen the complete podcast:

Replying to a question over – challenges in digital transformation – Saswat said that it is quite challenging for any enterprise to engage people from the grass root in the process the digital transformation and in some other cases educating customers.

Over the promising growth of digital transformation, Saswat said that  cloud is the best option for the companies to build their infrastructure on cloud, these companies can get huge benefit by using SAAAS based application. Could has many advantages including it will useful in reducing cost in managing the infrastructure.

Speaking on the impact of COVID-19, Saswat said that many companies have realized digital transformation as a necessity. During the crisis, many companies have been following the lockdown norms and allow their staff to work from home. This gain a big concern for the companies and they need to focus on the data privacy and protecting the same. Companies know the advantages of the digital transformation.

Saswat also told that the leveraging technologies must be used upon having need for these. Businesses will not get any benefit if their decision to implement technologies like blockchain are driven by hype.   

Listen to the complete podcast.