Significance of Odoo in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the coined word to describe the business operations which involves the complete flow of goods or services including sales, purchase, and storage of the raw material as well as finished goods in a company. Supply chain management covers most of the business functions and processes like sales, CRM, marketing, purchase, production, inventory, and logistics not any selective process or function. But it can be said that those who are successful in the supply chain business are those who successfully implement the business process with the supply chain management ERP. And today there are number of ERP solutions available in the market and many of them lack the capability to undergo easy customization to run the business operations of the company. On the other hand, Odoo ERP is one of the widely used solutions and can be engraved as the one-stop solution for all the business needs.  Odoo ERP software for supply chain management really improves purchase and inventory performance with proper procurement methods. It depends on stock levels, sales orders, logistic rules, etc. You can also select various refill methods with custom supply chain management software development, for each product as per your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

There are certain aspects that make the Odoo ERP platform a useful tool in the management of supply chain management business operations of your company:

Adding Value & Combining different management systems:

The Odoo ERP tool add value to the company by simply automating the whole process and replacing the manual job. It effectively supports the whole process beginning from raw material production to product distribution through a single channel. It is also an all-rounder which bring different management systems to a single chord for better and easy functional performance.

Inventory Management & Best Vendor support:

Inventory management of is one of the major responsibilities in any business through which the availability of goods can be tracked in the accurate way and status can always be monitored for perfect functioning. As we know there are many companies who are optimistic in their business always wish to maintain good relationships with their vendors at all level. And Odoo ERP do it effectively by creating vendor list and looking after their requirement and making appropriate offer to them.

Tracking record:

Odoo accurately track the shipment activities with the real-time tracking facility. And even the blockchain features are effectively used to ensure the real-time management of the supply chain to meet the level of performance in the company.

Logistic & Shipping Management:

Logistics and Shipping Management is also easier with Odoo ERP. The shipping can be easily monitored at the micro-level. It has also in-built logistic support tools which becomes an advantage to futuristic companies and manufacturers.

Reordering Management:

Reordering is very common in every industry. So, if you are using Odoo ERP, then this reordering rule can easily be handled. The Odoo ERP will reduce the workload from other department heads and the accounting wings will be benefited from the effective management of the area.