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Trending fintech solutions in Malaysia & India

This Amalgamation of finance and technology in Malaysia and India dates back to 1990’s. Financial sector regulations and policies was just undergoing a rapid transformation due to the economic slowdown. Basic a...


Adoption & challenges of digital technology in Malaysia

Introduction: There is a drastic change in consumer approach worldwide out of a sudden post pandemic. Malaysia as an emerging economy is no different or non-insulated from the catastrophe. Market was witnessing...


Cloud ERP functionality in healthcare

Introduction: Traditional ERP has undergone a steady transformation into a more scalable & accessible model by adapting to cloud infrastructure. This latest trend in ERP functionality has made remote access...


As we need to grow digitally; So, we need to know the capabilities to be obtain

Digital Capabilities are defined as the key skills and capabilities a company requires to transform itself into a sustainable and successful business by considering digital technology as the enabling compo...


Automation In Supply Chain comes of Age with Integration

When the term automation comes up, most people experience a brief change. It’s the year 2021, humanoid robots take to the streets disrupting life as we know it and clashing with their old human masters. Lucky f...

Future of Retail

Shopping Habits have Changed: Digital landscape of future of Retail

An Evolution in Consumer habits are forming the future for Retail. As social distancing has become the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer habits are adapting in real-time to the new environment a...


Enhanced Customer Experience through Edge Computing

We have moved an ahead from the traditional technology to cloud computing and now moving ahead to Edge Computing. It can also be understood through the analogy of the process of transition from calculator to co...


Live Streaming – A New Face of Customer Shopping Experience

Live commerce is a new form of online shopping where customers make real-time purchases during live streaming video events. The live commerce experience is designed to portrait the experience of retail shopp...


Significance of Odoo in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the coined word to describe the business operations which involves the complete flow of goods or services including sales, purchase, and storage of the raw material as well as finishe...