Quocent is now officially approved by Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (Ministry of Finance Malaysia)

At Quocent, we’re revolutionizing the way businesses operate by connecting innovation, growth, and success. We collaborate with clients on their projects and ideas, ensuring seamless connectivity, exponen...

5G technology

Unveiling the Future: The Evolution of 5G Technology

The Exciting Journey of 5G: Transforming the Tech World and Our Lives As technology enthusiasts, we’ve witnessed the remarkable evolution of mobile communication, from the bulky 1G phones of the 80s to...

Gen AI office

The Future of Innovation: Leveraging Generative AI for Business Transformation

“Tech is evolving fast, and Generative AI is leading the charge! From boosting customer experiences to revamping product design and automating tasks, it’s opening up incredible opportunities for inn...

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Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Enhanced Customer Experiences

As a business leader, you understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences. Generative AI is revolutionising the way companies interact with their customers, and it’s time to harne...


Generative AI in the Digital Sphere: Catalysing a Paradigm Shift

Generative AI, a cornerstone of contemporary technology, transcends traditional constraints by emulating human cognitive processes to generate content and foster innovation. But what precisely constitutes g...


Trending fintech solutions in Malaysia & India

This Amalgamation of finance and technology in Malaysia and India dates back to 1990’s. Financial sector regulations and policies was just undergoing a rapid transformation due to the economic slowdown. Basic a...


Adoption & challenges of digital technology in Malaysia

Introduction: There is a drastic change in consumer approach worldwide out of a sudden post pandemic. Malaysia as an emerging economy is no different or non-insulated from the catastrophe. Market was witnessing...


Cloud ERP functionality in healthcare

Introduction: Traditional ERP has undergone a steady transformation into a more scalable & accessible model by adapting to cloud infrastructure. This latest trend in ERP functionality has made remote access...


As we need to grow digitally; So, we need to know the capabilities to be obtain

Digital Capabilities are defined as the key skills and capabilities a company requires to transform itself into a sustainable and successful business by considering digital technology as the enabling compo...