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Quocent CEO Saswat Kumar Panda attends World Trade Center Bhubaneswar G20 India Y20 India 2023

The World Trade Center Bhubaneswar has hosted the G20 India Y20 event in 2023, providing a platform for industry experts to come together and share their experiences and thoughts on Industry 4.0, skills, and innovation. Quocent, a company dedicated to sustainable development, is honored to be associated with this event as a growth partner, aligning with the vision of G20 as India takes the lead. This collaboration signifies Quocent’s commitment to fostering the growth and advancement of the ecosystem, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to the global dialogue on economic development and innovation.

By actively participating in the G20 India Y20 event, Quocent not only showcases their expertise but also reinforces their dedication to sustainable practices and innovative solutions. Their involvement serves as a testament to their mission of fostering the growth and advancement of industries while contributing to the global discourse on economic development, technology, and sustainability.

Through their partnership, Quocent aims to contribute to the collective efforts of the G20, working towards a future characterized by inclusive growth, responsible innovation, and the well-being of all stakeholders. By leveraging their experience and expertise, Quocent seeks to facilitate meaningful discussions, drive actionable outcomes, and inspire collaborative initiatives that shape the trajectory of Industry 4.0 and pave the way for a brighter future.