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Quocent Received MD Status and Embracing Digital Transformation with MDEC

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for once again awarding us the MD status for the second time. The committed and professional team at MDEC has invested their utmost dedication by helping us into making this achievement possible. As Malaysia has been undergoing on its unique Digital Transformation  journey, we find this to be the perfect occasion to express our deep gratitude. Kalinga is now ready to transform its trading relationships with Southeast Asia, and the Quocent team is entirely devoted to championing this fresh narrative with resolute determination.

Malaysia Digital (MD) Status

The MD status, operating under the MD initiative, offers companies the freedom to conduct approved activities throughout Malaysia without being restricted to specific office location requirements. This status eliminates the previous obligation for companies to maintain a minimum office space. The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a governmental entity, is actively dedicated to advancing and nurturing Malaysia’s digital economy. Their primary objective revolves around propelling digital transformation across diverse sectors, while also extending support to businesses and entrepreneurs engaged in the digital realm.

Here are some potential benefits of receiving MD status:

  • Enhanced Credibility: MD status is a mark of recognition from a government entity that validates a company’s commitment and contribution to the digital economy. This recognition can enhance the company’s credibility and reputation both locally and internationally.
  •  Access to Support and Resources: MD status often comes with access to various resources, support programs, and initiatives provided by MDEC. These resources may include funding opportunities, mentorship, training, and networking events aimed at fostering growth and innovation.
  •  Business Expansion: With the support and recognition that MD status brings, companies may find it easier to expand their operations, both locally and internationally. This can open up new markets and business opportunities.
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: MD status often provides opportunities to collaborate with other MD status holders, government agencies, educational institutions, and research organizations. These collaborations can lead to innovative projects and initiatives.
  •  Government Incentives: Depending on the specific programs and initiatives offered by MDEC, MD status holders might be eligible for government incentives, grants, or tax benefits that are designed to promote digital innovation and growth.
  •  Market Visibility: MD status can lead to increased visibility within Malaysia’s digital ecosystem. This can attract potential customers, investors, and partners who are interested in working with companies that are actively contributing to the digital economy.