Quocent’s Collaborative Partnership with Global Institute of Management, Odisha

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to nurturing the growth of the digital ecosystem, Quocent has established a collaborative alliance with the Global Institute of Management, Odisha. Formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), this partnership is strategically designed to cultivate research-centric cooperation while emphasizing Odisha’s dedication to technological progress. Extensive strategic deliberations have taken place, and Quocent’s leadership is enthusiastic about the joint endeavors that lie ahead, envisioning the co-creation of an innovative digital economic landscape. At the heart of this collaboration is the harmonious convergence of industry and academia, orchestrated to construct a resilient ecosystem for the digital economy.

Here are some Keys benefits Of signing MoU between Quocent and Global Institute of Management :

  • Modalities and Conditions Clarification: The MoU serves as a formal agreement detailing the specific terms and conditions under which collaboration between GIM and Quocent will take place, ensuring clarity and transparency.
  • Mutual Student Benefits: The collaboration aims to provide mutual benefits to the students of both parties. This ensures that students gain valuable experiences and opportunities without violating any existing rules and regulations of either GIM or Quocent.
  • Cooperation Expansion by Mutual Consent: The collaboration’s scope and areas of cooperation can be expanded based on the consent of both parties. This flexible approach allows for the exploration of new collaborative avenues as agreed upon.
  • Internship Opportunities: Quocent intends to actively assist students from the GIM by providing opportunities for internship programs. This practical exposure can enhance students’ skills and industry experience.
  • Industrial Research Projects: Quocent is open to offering faculty members from the GIM the chance to engage in industrial research projects. This collaboration can lead to real-world applications of academic research and innovation.
  • Support for Final Placements: Quocent aims to support students from the GIM with final placement opportunities upon course completion, aligning with the rules and regulations of the Quocent. This collaboration can improve students’ post-graduation employment prospects.