TimesNext features Saswat Panda, CEO, Quocent Sdn Bhd

We are delighted to inform our readers that Quocent Sdn Bhd got another recognition as it is featured by leading startup portal, TimesNext. In an article, the online portal featured the story of Saswat and his startup journey. In the article “The Story Behind Quocent Sdn Bhd – A Startup Providing Digital Solutions to SMEs, Enterprises and other Startups”, the portal covered the key achievements and struggles of Saswat laying the foundation of Quocent Sdn Bhd. Today, Quocent Sdn Bhd is a leading software company with international presence in the SEA region – Malaysia & Singapore.

An excerpt of the article reads: According to Saswat, his inspiration was always from entrepreneurs across the world which is unmatched no matter where you do a job. According to him, it is quite critical to learn fast and evolve for being a real asset to the nation and society with a definite purpose.

We are thankful to Saumya Uniyal & TimesNext team for this immense coverage and recognition.