Driving innovation with a data story!

By Saswat Kumar Panda

Well, how does data become such an important aspect of any leading innovation or application design strategy? In last one decade, we have seen data being at the centre helping internet disruption and decision-making process. A powerful digital story requires insightful data visualization these days.

Before 90’s decisions were primarily being taken on the basis of the top decision-maker stand or over a flip of a coin say ‘let’s go with this’. An individual past experience, guts & nature of exposure major roles in taking decisions. Now is data era & we understand how data is shaping the landscape of user behavior whether its a B2B brand or B2C.

Data is amazingly generated in huge volumes over the last decade and thanks to cheaper storage, cloud infrastructure, and internet companies who made it increasingly possible. Whether its a business decision or a buying behavior -data is in the lead. Powerful technologies visualize, predict, and build solid forecasting of data which helps companies make informed decisions. Data has made the decision making more evident based then just on an individual exposure or guts. We are able to predict future possibilities while also able to be more profitable due to this saving time & energy on longboard discussions.

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