Quocent’s Strategic Partnership: Pioneering Digital Advancements in Malaysia’s Future

Quocent is actively involved in a pioneering initiative with the Malaysia-China Digital Economy Cooperation Council (MCDC) and the National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom). Together, they have committed RM100 billion over the next five years to enhance the local digital economy. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with our dedication to innovation and future-proof AI solutions. Through our participation in the RCEP Innovation and Digital Ecosystem (Ride) MADANI initiatives, Quocent anticipates significant benefits and strategic collaborations. This partnership not only reinforces our mission but also positions us to play a pivotal role in advancing Malaysia’s digital aspirations and environmental sustainability goals. There objective is to encourage digital enterprises to establish regional headquarters, attract investments, stimulate production, promote test-bedding, develop supply chains, facilitate training, and provide services contributing to the success of RCEP and its member nations. Quocent’s active participation in this initiative underscores our commitment to making a substantial impact on the digital future of the nation and beyond